BRADENTON – Several girls at Braden River High School planned a ‘bracott’ to protest the school district dress code, they feel is sexist.

The protest involved students not wearing bras to school today.

A message went out to parents and students saying the school district of manatee county will not tolerate the ‘bracott.’

Lizzy Martinez, a 17–year-old junior at the school, triggered the movement after she was sent to an administrator’s office for not wearing a bra.

The message may have kept students from participating.

“We didn’t really see a lot of people with their bras on their back packs or band aids over their nipples. My friend on Friday he did it, but he didn’t get caught with it, some people were doing, but not a lot of people. it was all over social media to do it, but not everyone did it,” said Carlie Baughman.

District spokesman Mike Barber did not want to comment, stating, “This issue is not a story.”