SARASOTA – The Sarasota County Commission has recently approved plans for two medical marijuana dispensaries.

Tallahassee–based Trulieve will operate the approved dispensary that will be located in a Venice shopping plaza.

AltMed will operate the second approved dispensary on Fruitville Road.

Sarasota County Commission Chair Nancy Detert shared a personal story about her sister who lives in a different state and has had multiple diseases since she was 14.

“She’s just turned 70 honestly so she’s lived longer than we thought and on a lot of medication so she’s lived longer than we thought. She’s just been a hero about her illnesses she just carries on the best she can, but in order to sleep at night she does take marijuana otherwise I don’t think she could sleep at all,” said Detert.

Detert also says she wants the public to know the approval of a medical marijuana dispensary is not the first step to the legalization of the use of recreational marijuana in Sarasota.