SARASOTA – One truckload of materials, an 18-hour drive and dozens of heavy hearts, volunteers from Where Angels Play Foundation arrived in Sarasota on Saturday.

The nonprofit builds memorial playgrounds to honor victims of tragedy. They’re built playgrounds across the county and internationally, from Newtown to Orlando.

Their next project is dedicated to two Sarasota brothers, who tragically lost their lives.

Carlos Soto volunteers with the organization after losing his daughter, a teacher at Sandy Hook elementary.

“When they came to ask the families (of Sandy Hook Elementary victims) and asked if they could do something for the families and build a playground. I got involved with that. I started helping them build and it made me feel good,” Soto said.

Saturday afternoon, Evie’s Tavern hosted a fundraiser for the playground through raffle tickets and book sales.

The group will break ground at South Lido County Park Wednesday morning.