Sarasota Police department finds no wrong doing in the Chad Washington case


SARASOTA COUNTY – Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino says officers acted appropriately during the arrest of Chad Washington.

Today in front of independent police advisory panel in Sarasota, members of the Sarasota police department and advocates for Washington made their arguments to the panel, which ensures police accountability and transparency .

Sarasota police chief Bernadette DiPino showed the onlookers the initial 911 call and video of the altercation between police officers and Washington back on March 22.

DiPino defended the actions of her officers while Washington’s fiancée Darnesha McMillan gave the police department a piece of her mind.

McMillan says the officer involved had a previous encounter Washington.

DiPino says the officers were justified using the Taser.

He arrested Chad in 2017 on a different type of charge, and he did the same thing tased him excessively and used lethal force just because the color of his skin.  That’s what Brandon does.

The officer was physically attacked.  He was able to wrestle and actually threw some strikes to the individual to get him off him.

The internal investigation is over and the Sarasota Police Department concluded no wrong doing.


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