School Board and commissioners butt heads over cost of SRO’s


MANATEE COUNTY – The Manatee County School Board and commissioners are butting heads on how to share the cost of staffing 48 sheriff’s deputies at schools.

In the past, only high schools and middle schools in the county had an officer, and the cost was split between the county and board.

With the increased requirement, commissioners were hesitant to continue that level of funding.

The Herald-Tribune says commissioners are anticipating a $9 million reduction in revenue in 2020, assuming a $25,000 homestead exemption amendment passes in November.

The anticipated total cost for 2019 in Manatee County will be $5.6 million for staff and $1.8 million for equipment.

The equipment is paid for through public safety impact fees.

If the district and board continued to split the operational cost, each entity would need to pitch in roughly $2.8 million.


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