Marco In The Ballroom: Samba

If you want to be the center of attention, the Brazilian dance Samba has the bounce you’re looking for.


SARASOTA – Samba is the pride of Brazil.

In the ballroom, samba is more of a partner dance, but Ballroom City owner Jim Helmich says there’s also solo samba.

“Solo samba you’ll see like in the Tropicana in Cuba or in Las Vegas with the girls with all the flowers and head pieces,” Helmich says.

That look was popularized by samba dancer and Hollywood actress Carmen Miranda. Even if you don’t know who she is, you’ll likely recognize the Samba legend’s flamboyant appearance. It’s seeped into all corners of American pop culture.

While I didn’t do anything solo during this visit, I can tell you this about dancing samba with a partner: it’s a cardio workout on its own. I mean, many dances can be, but even samba patterns you first learn require you to move at a brisk pace.

Check out what samba is all about in the story above!


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