941Riderz: Motorcyclists need to take accountability for their actions


SARASOTA – 941Riderz are local motorcyclists raising awareness for biker and driver safety.

When they saw Sunday’s viral road rage video, they reacted in a way you may not expect.

According to the Sarasota Clerk’s website, Darin Hendrickson has several traffic-related infractions.

When 941Riderz Co-Founder Matthew Morrison saw the viral video, he wasn’t surprised.

“The end result was terrible, and it was close to being deadly,” Morrison said.

Morrison knows Hendrickson and says the driver’s actions were inexcusable, but says that doesn’t let Hendrickson off the hook.

“I can’t speculate because I wasn’t there, but there were many options, and neither party chose the correct option,” Morrison said.

“It frustrates me because we shouldn’t be seeing that,” 941Riderz Founder Casanova Everett said.

The group holds monthly, informational rallies to prevent this kind of thing from happening, but it’s a two-way street.

“A lot of people want to immediately assume that the awareness that we’re trying to raise is specifically aimed towards the motorists,” Morrison said.

Everett says the bikers need to look in the mirror, too.

“We just gotta own up to the things that we do,” Everett said, “…being respectable on our bikes to the laws, to other cars in general.”

This local rider learned 5 years ago.. A driver or biker’s life chould change in an instant if both parties aren’t being careful.

Morrison says it doesn’t matter the biker; they all know their risk getting on a bike, and often, there are two sides to every story.


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