Suncoast not harmed by FLVS data breach


SARASOTA – Friday we learned of a Florida Virtual School (FLVS) data breach, compromising records like student names, dates of birth and school usernames and passwords.

But those affected are taking online courses in Leon County.

“Sarasota County is one of 66 other school districts that had no breach whatsoever,” Sarasota Virtual School Program Manager Steve Posilovich said. “So at this point, Leon County is the one school district in the entire state that is in the investigation.”

The Suncoast is completely unaffected by this breach, but with digital platforms being our new normal, Posilovich says we all need to be prepared.

“..something you should expect will happen at some point,” Posilovich said. “at what level, we’re not really sure, but you’d rather be safe than sorry.”

It’s a philosophy manifested in Sarasota Virtual School’s protocol.

“We ask all of our teachers to make sure everything’s encrypted on our end, so that we’re not sharing any student data across email or anything like that,” Posilovich said.

There are things parents and students can do, like routinely updating passwords.

The Sarasota Virtual staff tries to take care of the rest.

“FLVS is one of our four vendors that we use, and in all the contracts we have confidentiality clauses to make sure the student data is treated with the utmost level of security and caution,” Posilovich said. “At this time Sarasota County is 100% secure, in terms of our virtual school.”

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