Sarasota school officials discuss safety


SARASOTA COUNTY – Sarasota school officials discussed campus safety and tax extension at a digital town hall Monday evening hosted by the district.

The town hall was held nearly a month after the Parkland shooting, which lead Florida legislators to pass a school security and gun control law last week.

Whether to implement the new program signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott to allow trained employees to carry guns on campus is at the discretion of each local district.

The Herald–Tribune says Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight is asking for a choice sooner rather than later.

He sent Superintendent Todd Bowden and the School Board a letter Monday asking for guidance as to how to proceed with the law.

The board could opt to hire more school resource deputies, school safety officers or use the guardian program, he said.

Knight added that the Sheriff’s Office needs to submit its budget to the County Commission by June 1.


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