Mexican Consulate provides free legal and health service to Mexican residents


PALMETTO – The Mexican Consulate visits the Suncoast providing free legal and health services for Mexican residents as growing tension over immigration continues.

CAN Community Health hosts the Mexican Consulate in Palmetto. Mexican Consulate Lawyer Brent Provinsky says the consulate is interviewing residents so they get proper documentation.

“This is like the Mexican consulate here, it’s the sacred ground of Mexico as we are here and they process maybe about 200 or 300 passports or ids for those people,” said Provinsky.

Provinsky says the community feels very lost and vulnerable with the political climate in Washington and in the United States.

“Since our president has come in there is a greater instance of racism and incidents of acts particularly that are immigrants,” said Provinsky.

Medical Assistant Noe Bautista says the Mexican community is fearful, struggling to get adequate health care.

“Our ethnicity and our race it’s so hard for us, Hispanic, Latinos to go and do a health screening,” said Bautista.

Aside from the language barrier, Bautista says the community is afraid of deportation.

“That’s the biggest fear, if there’s something with Cancer or diabetes  or something real major they’re afraid where they are going to go and they are going to ask for a legal status that’s a boundary for them, that’s as far  as they’ll get,” said Bautista.

Partnering with CAN Community Health the Consulate continues to help hundreds of Mexicans on the Suncoast.

“They have rights, they have civil rights here, they have rights as immigrants here and we’re here to tell them that the consul is with them to assist them,” said Provinsky.

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