Three students accepted to U.S. Military Academy in one year


SARASOTA – For the first time in Sarasota Military Academy’s history, three cadets have been appointed to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in one year.

“I started kind of the beginning of my junior year because the academies have a thing where it’s like a summer leadership experience,” says SMA student, Anastasia Osborne. “You have to do a whole application for that, then you have to do a whole application for your congressional nomination and then on top of that when it comes time for the academy applications to open up, then you start that whole process.”

And when the process is complete and you’ve been excepted in to a very selective military academy…

“I am beyond excited,” says SMA student, Laura McMahan. “I never thought that I would be here, but now that I am, I can’t wait to go.”

Christina Bowman, Executive Director of Schools says, “Our IB program has assisted with the rigor of what they can expect at west point. As well as our JROTC programs.”

But before they report to West Point, there is a taste of regular army.

“We have to go for what’s called B’s,” Osborne says, “which is six weeks of basic training and they’re yelling and screaming at you so it’s going to be nice to actually know someone.”

Every student who is admitted and accepted in to West Point must receive a letter of recommendation from a congressman. Osborne said she received hers from Congressman Tom Rooney and it was his primary letter.


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