SUV crashes into a house in Sarasota


SARASOTA COUNTY – A car drives right into a house in Sarasota Monday night.

The Florida Highway Patrol says it happened just after 7 P.M. in the 2800 block of Tangelo Drive.

A man traveling in an SUV crossed Weber Street, suffered a seizure, and drove through a front yard, plowing right into the house.

Three people were home at the time, but they were uninjured.

An ambulance took the driver to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

A tow truck pulled the SUV from the house while the Sarasota County Fire Department placed wood beams to keep the wall from collapsing.

A homeowner who lives there but did not wish to go on camera told SNN he’s lucky he wasn’t home, because the SUV crashed into his bedroom.

The investigation is ongoing.


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