SARASOTA- K9 Bobbi is a two-year old German shepherd from Slovakia who started training in Sarasota in August.

Sarasota PD were able to purchase Bobbi thanks to a donation from Boars Head who sponsored her training, needed supplies, and modification of a patrol car.

Bobbi is bomb-odor detection K9 and is paired with Sarasota Police Patrol Officer Adam Arena. Bobbi is Arena’s first K9 and they both went through training at the same time.

“It’s a lot like hide and go seek, we would take explosive materials and stash them around throughout the city.” Arena said. “And just train the dogs on it, a lot of sitting and pop boxes, probably 20 types of explosive materials to get the dogs experience with different types, C4, pirate X, TNT.”

When Bobbi isn’t working, she’s playing with Arena’s personal dog, a 10-month old German shepherd. Officer Arena and Bobbi will be visiting Boar’s Head on Friday to thank them for the donation.