Kids battling cancer strut their stuff on the runway


SARASOTA – James Pickett remembers the day his life changed.

“Completely takes everything that you know as a parent, as a person and puts it in a blender and mixes it up,” said Pickett

His son, Adyn was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016.

“He was considered high risk because of the amounts of cancer that was found in his blood system,” said Pickett.

Adyn is starting his last phase of treatment and is one of 6 children strutting his stuff on the runway for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Fashion Funds the Cure fashion show.

“Pediatric cancer research is minimal in this country 43 kids are diagnosed a day and it’s our motive to raise money to get more research done for children,” said CEO David Frazer.

The children walked down the runway followed by models from Dillard’s.  And for the final walk they took the stage in outfits from the dream jobs they’ll pursue once they beat the disease.

A future nurse, dog trainer and a teacher were on the runway. Adyn wants to be a fire fighter he was accompanied by members of the Sarasota Fire department and Fire Chief Michael Regnier.


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