Operation Four Corners leads to 49 arrests


SARASOTA – An undercover operation by the Sarasota Police department results in the arrest of nearly 50 accused drug dealers and the seizures of weapons including an AR 15.

Operation Four Corners a nine month operation targeting drug dealers in the city of Sarasota.

“Crime mapping and citizen’s complaints were used to identify significant areas  of open air drug markets,” said Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino.

She says undercover detectives made multiple drug buys at  27th street and Washington court, 7th street and central Avenue ,Central avenue and 11th street and Central Avenue and 9th street.

“Robberies, shootings, homicides, thefts from vehicles burglaries just thefts in general. Just about every crime that we deal with has to do with the sale and possessions of illegal narcotics,” said DiPino.

DiPino says cocaine, marijuana and opioids and other narcotics were sold to detectives  in some of the most vulnerable areas in the community.

“They have a combined total of 1,112 felony prior charges and 455 resulting felony convictions.  That means that before they were contacted by our officers for selling drugs they were already charged with all those felonies and convicted of felonies,”

SPD has multiple programs, to help people get out of drug and crime activity including a Drug Market Intervention which gives differed prosecution if someone completes the program successfully. But if not DiPino has one message for drug dealers.

“We are coming after you and we are not letting you sell drugs in our community you are not taking over the neighborhoods in the city of Sarasota ,” said DiPino.

A list of the suspects still wanted by the Sarasota Police Department:

  • Timothy Newsome, DOB 12/24/1973 – Sale of Cocaine w/in 1000’ of a School
  • Lazzarrie Rolle, DOB 12/08/1974 – Sale of Cocaine w/in 1000’ of Public Housing
  • Daryl Peterson, DOB 10/21/1985 – Sale of Cocaine w/in 1000’ of a Daycare (3 counts)
  • Adam Perez, DOB 10/01/1991 – Sale of Cocaine w/in 1000’ of a Park
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