LAKELAND – The Booker Tornadoes are in Lakeland to take on Leesburg tonight in the State Semifinals. The Tornadoes are 29–2, they have talent, discipline, and the entire Booker Nation behind them.

The Booker Nation will be loud and proud in Lakeland tonight. The groundswell of support has been heard…and felt by these Tornadoes players.
“It’s great. The fan support has been awesome”, says senior co-captain Jordan Curtis. “We want to win it for the fans, we want to win it for our coaches, and we want to win it for our teammates.”
The man who brought the house down, and put the Tornadoes back into the State Final Four. Jaylen Jones hit the game-winning shot in the regional finals.
“It felt awesome to have all the fans behind me, and us”, explained the excited senior co-captain Jones. “We want to get to the Final One, and bring the ship in.”
The Tornadoes have one National Championship under their belts, and are going for their 6th State Championship. This team is carrying on the tradition.
“Everyone in Sarasota understands the tradition here at Booker”, says head coach Markus Black. “We just have to instill in these new generations and these guys are doing that.”
Black is the head coach now, but he was on the last State Championship Tornadoes team.
“It feels good. I can’t say its different exactly because I feel like I am still playing”, Black continues. “I get as amped up as the coach as I did when I was playing.”
Obviously, tomoorow night’s State Championship game, and a win, is the goal, but this team is trying to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
“It’s a great experience”, laughs Curtis mirthfully. “I’m Happy, the gym was loud, and I am excited for Lakeland.”
“The amount of work this group has put in, people have no idea”, concludes Black. “To see that matriculated and coming to fruition is a wonderful feeling.”

SNN will be in Lakeland for the game and post–game reaction, as the Tornadoes try to get into the State Championship game Thursday night.