Allergy season springs on the Suncoast


SARASOTA COUNTY – It’s allergy season. “Actually there are two allergy seasons in Florida,” Dr. John Mason said.

“The one most people think of is right now, where we have blossoming everything, you’re starting to see your car covered in yellow.”

With nearly a month without rain on the Suncoast, allergy season came early.

For Daemian Mains’ son, that means misery.

“His eyes are constantly red, he’s had a really hard time breathing I’m unfortunately having to give him medicine every day,” she said.

Dr. Mason with Sarasota Medical Center said that’s all you can really do to ease the symptoms.

“I can give you some injections to help them to feel better,” He added.

Then there’s local honey. My Sweetest Honey owner, Shaun Knepp says, he doesn’t suffer from allergies, but his customers who do, depend on his raw, unfiltered harvest.

“You’re getting a pollen allergy, and that same pollen is in this honey, so it’s not like a medicine that cures you, but you’re building up a tolerance to it,” Knepp said.

He says when buying honey, look for three things.

“You want it to be local, raw and unfiltered. So many of the honeys in the big box stores, are filtered out.”

However you’re fighting, the sneezing, sniffling, watery and itchy eyes, Dr. Mason says be prepared to do it for the next two months.

To purchase My Sweetest Honey, visit their website here.


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