Gas leak causes traffic delays


SARASOTA – A gas leak on Tamiami Trail delayed drivers for three hours to keep them from exposure.

A utility company struck a gas pipe underground on the 6300 block of U.S. 41 Monday, February 12. Sarasota County Fire Department officials say monitors were brought in to ensure there were no flammable issues with the gas leak.

Teco shut off the pipe at different sections in order to stop the source of the leak.

Sarasota County Fire Chief Michael Regnier says there is a way to find out where the underground pipes are located. He says, “We do experience a lot of gas leaks from underground people striking lines and it’s all usually because they have not marked off those where those lines are. You can call a number that is readily advertised its Sunshine 81. You can call that 811 number and get the information people will come out and actually mark the ground tell you where the water lines are and gas lines.”


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