Election Day arrives for District 72 race


SARASOTA COUNTY – Election Day has arrived. A new poll released Monday, February 12, shows Republican James Buchanan and Democrat Margaret Good are in a statistical tie.

The St. Pete Polls survey of 702 likely voters conducted on February 10 and 11 had Democrat Margaret Good up by three percentage points over Republican James Buchanan in the House District 72 race. But that’s within the poll’s 3.7% margin of error, making the race a statistical tie.

Good receives the support of 48.3% of voters in the poll, while Buchanan is pulling 45.2% support. Libertarian Alison Foxall is at 3.8% and 2.7% say they’re unsure.

Dist. 72 Special Election: Democratic Candidate Margaret Good

According to the Herald-Tribune Democrats overwhelmingly support Good in the poll and Republicans strongly favor Buchanan. The reason Good is competitive in a district that has 12,060 more Republicans than Democrats is her support among Independents, who favor her over Buchanan by 24 percentage points.

Before voting even began Tuesday (February 13), turnout for the District 72 State House race may have set a record for a State House Special Election in Florida. The largest voter turnout for a State House Special Election was 22% in 2008.

Dist. 72 Special Election: Republican Candidate James Buchanan

According to the Herald-Tribune, turnout in the District 72 race was already is at 22.8% as of Monday night and that’s only from absentee and in-person early voting with Election Day being today. The unusually high turnout stems from how competitive the race has become and the amount of resources being poured into the contest, which is generating national attention because the parties view it as a bellwether race that will send a message about the political atmosphere heading into November.

National political figures are weighing in to try and help Margaret Good and James Buchanan. Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed Good. Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s former campaign manager, headlined a rally for Buchanan.

Dist. 72 Special Election: Libertarian Candidate Alison Foxall

SNN will have special live election coverage at 7:30 P.M. Tuesday, February 13. Grant Boxleitner will anchor a panel of guests talking about the District 72 race.


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