University Park residents at odds over redevelopment


SARASOTA COUNTY –¬†University Park is at odds over its country club’s fate.

The risk of redevelopment hangs over the community of the University Park Country Club if they do not acquire certain acreage. A private partnership owns 366 acres, land that primarily holds University Park Country Club, but includes some 100 acres of ponds, roads, infrastructure and small parcels.

Residents want to gain control of the 100 acres to preserve the green space and protect their home values and their community’s beauty.

Yet, a controversy has split residents. According to the Herald-Tribune, a committee of property owners called the University Park Planning Group worked out what they consider the best viable plan for purchasing the land: the creation of a recreation district.

But some homeowners are battling the idea of buying the country club for what they deem to be an inflated, negotiated price of $16.75 million and the formation of a government entity with bonding authority through referendums.


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