Sarasota residents share input about Bayfront plans


SARASOTA –┬áSarasota residents air concerns about Bayfront plans. Saturday’s Digital Town Hall forum followed a series of open houses during which planners took input on the Bayfront project. Representatives of the groups said that they are beginning to understand what residents want.

The project will build heavily on the work already accomplished by a preceding effort called Bayfront 20:20.

Many of the concerns raised this week were economic drivers, job creation and the risk of residents being priced out of the area.

The Herald-Tribune says after they gain a consensus, Sasaki and the Bayfront group, who are spearheading the project, will develop two or three master plans, offering alternatives for the space. Those plans will be presented in April, when Sasaki returns to get feedback on the proposals. Once the plans are vetted, Sasaki will return with a single proposal, which may incorporate the best parts of each.


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