VENICE- After surviving a nearly fatal rollover, the road to recovery hasn’t been easy for Venice resident, Michael Cameron.

August 2nd, 2016 is a day Cameron is still trying to move past. While, working for a glass and design business, Cameron was heading north on i–75 by himself in a company box truck.

“When I was approaching the Fruitville exit, my tire just disintegrated. There was no, it went flat or just a little blowout and flop, flop, flop. It was gone,” Cameron said.

Steering to the right, rolling over the guard rail, and down a hill, 7 times.

Cameron said, “The truck came down on my body and then rolled up and stopped on its top, which left me hanging upside down with a broken back.”

With blood filling his spine, he underwent surgery, removing parts of his vertebrae. Living off of workers comp, having to let go of his occupation…and passion.

“On October 20th of 2017, they had to do corrective surgery and then add on a few months of recovery, which brings us to last month,” he said.

Cameron was the only person in the wreck, but the damage is affecting his 16 –year–old son, Trevor.

The two are living off of only $322 a week, now facing eviction.

“I will not take my son out of Venice High School. I’ll have to have him go stay with his mom, and go live under a bridge because I’m not going far from my son,” Cameron said.

He’s struggling to make ends meet, but he is hopeful.

“I should have died five times in that wreck,” he said.

Michael is still waiting to go back to work due to his ongoing condition.

If you would like to help visit his Go fund me Michael’s GoFundMe. Any donation will help.