What you need to know during gum disease awareness month


SARASOTA- February is Gum Disease awareness month. The bacterial infection is mentioned often in toothpaste commercials, but still, many cases go untreated.
Dr. Jill Morris says that’s because gum disease is usually painless. Many don’t know they have it.
Symptoms include receding gums or bleeding gums.

Dr. Morris says bleeding when brushing your teeth is not normal, and it’s letting the bacteria into the blood stream.

“If the bacteria isn’t properly cleaned, especially between the teeth, then the bacteria start to live,” Morris said. “Then they actually ulcerate the gum tissue, go into the body, and circulate through the blood stream, and that’s where it causes problems.”

Those problems include causing your immune system to weaken. Brushing and flossing every day helps clean the gums, controlling the bacteria. Dr. Morris recommends electric toothbrushes to help with preventing gum disease.


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