Sarasota Military Academy students host inaugural 5K run


SARASOTA – Two seniors at the Sarasota Military Academy created their own 5k run benefiting their fellow Raiders.

Saturday morning more than 90 runners participated to support seniors, Erick Barnard and Brianna Trecartin.

Now the race was no mud crawling or wall-jumping but it was a run made for all ages and both teens say they’re grateful for the support they’ve received from local businesses.

“The original happened when we were at the original school 5K at Benderson. We were like, “how can we contribute to this and how can we build it up to make it a better turn out or get more people involved,’ So we decided to combine the two programs to show that you have health and rigorous activity.” Trecartin said.

All race proceeds benefit the Raiders, Junior Raiders, and Inter-baccalaureate programs at Sarasota Military Academy.

After graduating, Barnard and Trecartin plan to pass the event down to a new generation of students.


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