Verot hat trick dooms Mooney girls in soccer regional semifinals


SARASOTA – The Cardinal Mooney girls took on Bishop Verot in the girls Soccer Regional Semifinals tonight.

Trailing 3–0 with 20 minutes left, they did have some chances, the Cougars did. Isabella McDevitt takes the pass and heads for space. Her kick is fielded cleanly by the goalie to keep it 3–0 Verot.

Then a non–call that I found odd as again the Cougars in position for pressure, but Lauren Golon gets hip–checked unceremoniously, but no call.

Verot then puts more pressure on Francesca Tringali, but she gets help from the post.

But shortly after as Tatum Weishaar heads a shot out of the way, a Viking player is there to head it in for a 4–0 lead, and that was the final. Vikings advance, and Mooney’s season is over. Braden River girls lost, so no girls Suncoast teams left in the soccer post-season.


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