Sarasota business welcomes Governor Scott


SARASOTA COUNTY – Governor Rick Scott makes a visit to Sarasota to praise job growth for businesses.

The Governor and Republican candidate for District 72 James Buchanan visited Rapid Composites Wednesday, February 7. The company makes equipment such as drones for law enforcement and the military.

Rapid Composites received the Business Ambassador Award from the Governor. The award acknowledges job creation. Scott says under his administration, Florida businesses created 1.5 million jobs since 2010. He says his sole focus is to complete his term as Governor.

“I have 334 days left in this job,” Scott says. “I am going to continue to focus on making sure this is when I finish. My goal is this is the number one state to get a job number one state to get a great education and place where you can be safe. We’re at a 46 year low in our crime rate.  You know politicians typically are thinking about their next job.  I gotta continue finishing this job.”

Buchanan says the results from the administration show the economy is better.

“…Brought our unemployment down from over ten percent down to 3.7%,” Buchanan says, “and so it’s very… I think he’s done a great job as far as the economy here and if elected I would continue move forward in that direction.”

Scott endorses Buchanan for District 72.

Dist. 72 Special Election: Republican Candidate James Buchanan

Buchanan says Sarasota County is at 3.2% unemployment while Scott says Sarasota is a beautiful community with a lot of talent.


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