SARASOTA – A multi-vehicle crash on South Tamiami Trail overturns a car in front of a Sarasota fish market.

It happened just after 1 P.M. Saturday, January 13. One vehicle in the center lane attempted to turn right onto Invanhoe Street when a second vehicle attempted to change lanes without making sure that lane was clear, colliding with the car and then rolling in front of Walt’s Fish Market.

Florida Highway Patrol and Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office units were on scene.

State Trooper Kenn Watson says these crashes can be prevented.

“We have to make sure that we are using our head turning and looking at all of our mirrors and not just assuming, ‘Hey that looks good. I’m just going to go ahead and not check my blind spot. Unfortunately, the person who did not check their blind spot ended up on their roof in the middle of 41,” Watson said.

The driver at fault was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.