Mentoring program on the Suncoast restoring homes and enriching lives


SARASOTA – When the community works together for a common goal, great things can happen. The City of Sarasota and a mentoring program turn houses into homes for low income families.

This weekend was a celebration and the start of something new in the Newtown community.

“I love giving. I don’t expect nothing back. I just expect to see a smile on everyone’s faces,” says 17-year-old Isaac Cedeno.

For the past year, dozens of young men from the Brotherhood of Men spent every Saturday restoring this new home.

“They have worked on this project the young men themselves, they have raked leaves, and they have removed debris, they have been in the process of purchasing supplies,” said Mayor Shelli Freeland Eddie.

In a pilot program, the City of Sarasota donated four houses to the Brotherhood of Men for the group to renovate. Founder Dominic Harris says they are doing more than building a house.

“It gives them a sense of belonging a sense of I can do it of look a sense of I helped out the community, that giving that charity part of life that you need,” said Harris.

Funded through donations and contractors who donated time and materials, addressing the affordable housing crisis in Sarasota.

“Housing that’s actually in line with the incomes of our community, there’s a cost of living gap in our community of what people earn and what they can afford,” said Freeland Eddie.


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