Gas pipe leak forces residents inside their homes


SARASOTA – A gas pipe leaks forces residents to stay inside their homes.

Sarasota Fire Department says they received a call after 11 A.M. Friday, January 12. The incident happened on the 1700 block of Floyd Street where the Sarasota Police Department and firefighters were on scene directing traffic.

A utility company working on the street struck a two-inch natural gas pipe by accident.

Teco sealed the leaking pipe. Special Operations Coordinator Jason Wilkins says forcing residents from their homes was unnecessary.

“We were fortunate enough that we didn’t evacuate anybody. We did what’s called shelter in place where it was safer to leave them in their homes have them close their windows and just remain there and then we monitor the outside atmosphere.  f we see anything that is unsafe or causes us concern then we would initiate an evacuation.”

No one was injured during the incident.


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