Cracker Florida-styled cottages for Cortez Village


MANATEE COUNTY –  A unique cottage development is approved for Cortez Village. A developer received the Manatee County Commission’s enthusiastic approval Thursday, January 11, to build a unique, solar-powered neighborhood of “coastal cottages” on the Cortez peninsula.

To blend in with the surrounding historic fishing village, Hunters Point Resort & Marina on 18 acres north of Cortez Road and east of 126th Street West will feature “cracker Florida” inspired architecture.

Pearl Homes developer Marshall Gobuty called his development plan “revolutionary” and “unconventional.” He said he expects it to be the start of a home-building revolution.

The project calls for 86 cottage-style residences as well as a complex of two-story “lodges” with 62 hotel rooms, a clubhouse, retail space and a bistro. The developer describes the architecture as “a modern interpretation of Florida’s traditional ‘cracker cottage’ style of the early 20th century.”


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