Sickweather App helps track the flu


SARASOTA – Sarasota Memorial Hospital is reporting higher than normal flu cases.

Last year, 81 patients tested positive for the flu and 30 were admitted. But this year, 276 tested positive with 90 admitted over the same six-week period.

The Department of Health is reporting the flu vaccine is about 30% effective this year compared to 50% last year.

CEO of the ‘Sickweather App’, Graham Dodge says he developed the software to track real time sicknesses and users are taking advantage of the alerts.

“I was sick with a stomach bug and I did see people talk about it on social media,” Dodge says.

The app tracks what symptoms are trending in your area.

“One app user was alerted to strap throat and the next day her kid had it,” explains Dodge.

The app is free for iOS and Android.


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