BRADENTON – Governor Rick Scott praises the Trump administration decision to not drill off the Florida Coast.

“There’s not going to be drilling off our coast so that’s a really good day for Florida,”  said Scott.

This announcement comes after a meeting with Governor Scott and the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

On Tuesday, January 9, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke met with Scott who opposed drilling off the coast Zinke now saying it would be “off the table.”

“I want tour beaches to be pristine, I want to keep pour coast pristine first we live here because we like our environment on top of that 120 million tourist came here about last year they came here a lot of them because of our beaches,” said Scott.

Senator Bill Nelson taking shots at the Governor on Twitter calling this a political stunt orchestrated by the Trump Administration, going on to say we shouldn’t be playing politics with the future of Florida.

“You know Senator Nelson outta be happy alright this is a big day for our state. “It’s not about politics it’s about policy and so this is a good day for our state,” said Scott.

“I’m going to continue to fight for our environment. This year we have record spending again for our springs, record spending for the everglades. I’m going to fight to make sure this is a place our kids and our grandkids want to live,” added Scott.

President and CEO of Mote Marine Laboratory says this was logical decision and we should learn from history.

“We dodged and enormous bullet with BP deep water horizon, if the current pattern had been normal that oil spill could have spread much further down the coast and even into the coral reef track of the Florida Keys,” said Crosby.

Crosby said human error even in the best design can lead to unintended consequences.
“We cannot afford the chance of losing what we all hold so precious whether it’s the aesthetic aspect, cultural linkages to the marine.”