SARASOTA – “Sea Debris: Awareness Through Art” is a new exhibit at Mote Marine Lab bringing awareness to the harmful effects simple products has on marine life.

“Don’t throw away trash when you can make something amazing out of garbage.”

Six-year-old Simon Carpenter is exploring the new exhibit at Mote Marine Lab.

“We have massive sculptures of trash basically, its art that’s made from  trash collected along the beaches of the West Coast of North America,” said Evan Barniskis, Assistant Vice President of Mote Aquarium.

Based in Oregon, Washed Ashore is a traveling exhibit drawing attention to a growing problem.

“We need to stop and think about what we’re doing because there’s so much plastic in the ocean right now that by 2050 there is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish,”  said Angela Haseltine Pozzi, Executive Artistic Director of Washed Ashore.

Toothbrushes, shoes, bottle caps and even toilet seats were used to make these massive sculptures. Drawing attention and awareness about the severe damage these products have on marine animals.

“Many of these sorts of marine debris will perforate the G. I track and when that happens there’s often not a lot that we can do to help those animals,” Gretchen Lovewell,Stranding Investigations Program Manager.

Making something cool carrying a powerful message

The exhibit opens Saturday December 9th at Mote Marine Lab.