Showfolks of Sarasota celebrating 50th annual circus


SARASOTA – Showfolks of Sarasota will celebrate half a century of producing its annual circus this year with an event featuring one of the area’s most famous performers.

Comic daredevil and Sarasota native Bello Nock will headline the 50th Annual Showfolks Circus Friday and Saturday at Robarts Arena.

Giovanni Zoppe, who portrays Nino the Clown, Cycle Circus daredevil Johnny Rockett and human cannonball Shawn Marren will also perform.

The Herald-Tribune reports the show’s proceeds benefit Showfolks of Sarasota and its clubhouse on Lockwood Ridge Road.

The club serves as a space for the area’s many circus performers to socialize and hold birthday celebrations, weddings and memorials.

This year will be the first Showfolks Circus since Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed in May.

Many people now think that there’s no longer a circus and Showfolks wanted to do its part in proving that idea wrong.


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