BRADENTON – Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue received 24 homeless cats and dogs from St. Croix, displaced by Hurricane Maria.

Among those animals was a litter of puppies found by members of the New York National Guard who were in the Virgin Islands at the time.

One rescuer, Bridget Burch, fell in love with a puppy she rescued and named her Lilly, but gave her to the ASPCA in St. Croix along with the rest of the litter to be taken to a shelter in Bradenton.

Burch was able to track down Lilly and asked the shelter to hold on to her until she was able to return to the United States.

The reunion took three months. Bridget returned to New York a week before Thanksgiving and quickly made arrangements to pick up Lilly at Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue.

Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue still has two dogs and five cats from St. Croix who are looking for homes.

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