There may be a new State Champion coach in Venice football history


VENICE – The Venice Indians will be attempting to win their second State Football title Saturday, December 9, in Orlando.

Nick Coleman will forever be remembered in Venice Sports circles as the man that brought the Indians to their first, and only, State Championship. He remembers the support the Venice community brings.

“The community is just fantastic”, says Nick Coleman, head coach of the 200 Venice State Champion team. “They will be up at that game in force.”

Even though he is no longer on the sidelines, he is Venice through and through. In fact, the current head coach, John Peacock’s dad, was Coleman’s coach in pee wee football Venice Vikings. He actually hired Peacock to the staff right out of college.

“For them to have back-to-back Regional Titles is just phenomenal”, adds Coleman. “The tempo is huge that Peacock has designed. Larry Shannon’s defense has been doing great, too.”

Asked if he gets to see guys from his title team much, he beamed.

“Friday night, I got to see a bunch of the guys on the sidelines from that team. We (those guys) took it one game at a time, and one play at a time,” explains Coleman.

As he said, he was there for the big comeback win that got them into the Title game.

“What great character they showed,” says Coleman with pride. “They will always have that example for the rest of their life to show what they can do, in sports and in life.”

Knowing he may not be the only State Champion coach in Venice football history anymore after Saturday, Coleman will be happy to have company at the top.

“Congratulations to the administration, and to the players,” Coleman said as he was heading back to work.

Coleman stepped aside 11 years ago this week. John Peacock took over for the man that hired him.

Now, Peacock has a chance to join him as a State Champion Head coach.


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