Man shot in Desoto road rage incident speaks exclusively with SNN


SARASOTA- We have an update to the road rage shooting that took place last week on Desoto road.

There are about 620 gun involved road rage incidents in 2016, double from two years earlier, that’s according to the Trace a non-profit gun control advocacy group.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reports show, 75-year-old Stephen Fernald and 21-year-old Hunter Bradley who was driving the mustang became part of that statistics.

“When the mustang pulled into the merge lane, the shooter though he didn’t want the guy in front of them,” explains Captain John Walsh from Sarasota County Sheriff Investigations Bureau.

Two different stories coming from the same stretch of road, the Sheriff’s office says, Fernald claims the other driver was driving aggressively on Desoto but Bradley says it’s the other way around.

“We hit a merge and he floored his car in front of me and tries to run me off the road,” adds Bradley.

They both end up side by side and that’s when, Fernald shoots Bradley in the arm and is claiming stand your ground.

Bradley will have to be in an arm brace for at least three months, and he’s asking anyone who witnessed the altercation to come forward.

The Sheriff’s Office says since it’s a case of stand your ground no criminal charges will be filed against both drivers


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