Venice pet spa owner accused of animal abuse


SARASOTA COUNTY-The owner of Happy Puppy Pet Spa in Venice is accused of abusing dogs.

The Herald Tribune reports, spa owner Phyllis Lucca is under investigation by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

Video from her former employee Briana Brady, shows Lucca struggling with the dog, grabbing its neck and shaking it.

The Sheriff’s Office says an owner of a poodle was brought to the pet salon on October 26.

When the owner picked up the dog, she had blood on her paws and redness on her chest.

The dog was taken to a vet, and diagnosed with a broken jaw.

Lucca called the owner to make an apology and denied anything happened.

But her former worker Brady says other workers have brought this to her attention.

“I’ve had a lot of previous employees that have come forward to me that have mentioned how she is very aggressive with animals. She made sure that they could not have their phones on which is now understandable.¬† I had to be sneaky in order to take the video to catch what she was doing.”

Defense attorney for Lucca Jeff Young says the court will settle this.

“My client adamantly denies all of these charges and maintains she is innocent and we look forward to the criminal justice system working justly.”

The tribune says no charges have been filed yet and the case has been sent to the state attorney’s office for consideration.


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