A North Port Child was riding his bike to school when he was hit by a car, he’s ok, but North Port Police are hoping this serves as a lesson to drivers.

A Glenallen Elementary School Student was riding his bike on the sidewalk when he was hit by a car.

“The child had some scrapes on his leg,” Taylor said. “Taken to a local hospital for precautions.”

A crossing guard is located at the intersection of Glenallen and Spring Have Drive just feet away. But the child was crossing the driveway of local soccer fields when he was hit.

“Somebody turning into a local park there just didn’t see him or what,” Taylor said. “Where still waiting for that official report to come in.”

North Port Police Department Spokesman Josh Taylor says there are lots of kids in that area in the morning, and drivers can’t rely that everything will go normally in a school zone.

“We certainly can’t guard and have somebody at every driveway in and around the school,” Taylor said. “That’s just impossible.”

Last November, another child was hit in the area near Glenallen Elementary, since then changes have been made to the six crossing guards in the school area.

“We’ve actually increased the amount of times that some of our crossing guards,” Taylor said. “They’re there about 15 minutes earlier, and later in the afternoon as well.”

Taylor says the investigation is ongoing, but all drivers should pay extra attention in school zones.

“Let’s just hope we can all use this as a lesson,” Taylor said. “It didn’t take something extraordinary, it didn’t take someone having to pass away as a lesson for everyone, Let’s use this as a reminder to just slow down.”