MANATEE COUNTY- A shortage of bus drivers caused Manatee County Schools re-evaluate some routes.

Anna Maria Island has two buses and the transportation team says they are going to combine the two at the end of the month to free up a bus driver for another route.

Hardship busing students, those attending Anna Maria Elementary even though they don’t live in the school’s attendance zone, their complimentary busing will end at the end of November.

About 7 children from Anna Maria Elementary are affected.

Director of Transportation for Manatee Schools says getting bus drivers is a challenge because the pay is not competitive enough; right now they are short about 20 to 25 drivers.

The hardship busing route elimination is a district wide initiative that will happen gradually and all complimentary service will be eliminated.

About 150 drivers transport on average 16,000 students daily and that number is set to increase.

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Krystel Knowles
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