Sarasota lawyer reacts to Roy Moore’s sexual misconduct allegations


SARASOTA – Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore makes his first public appearance this weekend. It’s his first appearance since The Washington Post reported allegations of sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl decades ago. Moore calls those allegations “completely false” and vows to stay in the race for a critical senate seat.

Arriving at a Veterans Day event in his home state Saturday, November 11, Roy Moore addressed The Washington Post’s allegations.

“They’re desperate. This article is a prime example of fake news.”

That article alleges Moore fondled a 14-year old girl in 1979 and “pursued” three other teens when he was in his 30’s.

“To think that grown women would wait 40 years to come before, right before an election to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable,” says Moore.

In a radio interview, Moore called his main accuser’s allegations “completely false.” But he did not rule out dating other teenagers.

Sarasota lawyer Teresa Jones worked alongside Moore in the 1980’s. This week, she tweeted it was common knowledge about Moore’s propensity for teenage girls.

Jones has been with SMRL Law Firm in Sarasota for 31 years. Before moving to Sarasota, she worked as deputy district attorney for Etowah County in Alabama from 1982 – 1985. It was there she worked alongside Moore.

Jones told CNN it was common knowledge Roy dated high school girls at the time. She also said everyone thought it was weird and “we wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall… But you really wouldn’t say anything to someone like that.”

Jones responded to tweets saying unless the girls came forward with specifics at the time, Moore would not have been charged.

Moore is using The Washington Post’s report to fundraise, urging supporters to “fight back against the forces of evil.”


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