Suncoast doctor tricks and treats


MANATEE COUNTY- Some Superpowers develop after being bitten by a radioactive spider, others from years of medical school. And if you got an allergic reaction from that spider bite, this Manatee County Doctor may be able to help.

Catching Pollen just like flies… Look Out… Here Comes Spiderman.

“I’m just working on being the super creature I want to become and he’s helping me out,” Cliff Anderson said.

If you throat’s scratchy from an allergy, Dr. Roger Danziger’s spidey senses are tingling and ready to catch it.

“I’ve never seen Spider-Man dressed up in his complete costume,” Anderson said. “But I’ve known of his awesome powers for some time, he’s been helping me for years now, and he’s the man and has the power, and there’s the living proof.”

Every Halloween for over 20 years, Dr. Danziger has treated patients dressed like his favorite superhero.

“I kind of first started doing it for my kids who were going to Anna Maria Elementary School,” Dr. Danziger said. “Then I figured the next best extension would be to take it right to the office.”

Danziger says it’s helped him build relationships with his patients.

“For a patient to know that a physician and the staff are happy and willing to do the Halloween thing,” Dr. Danziger said. “Just makes you seem more like a regular person.”

And helps put his patients at ease.

“To be informal and have some fun,” Anderson said. “It takes the fear out of things, because this is a place where people get allergy shots, and you don’t feel the shots because Spiderman’s coming by.”

So if you’re suffering with your allergy symptoms you can swing on down and see you’re Friendly Neighborhood Doctor Spiderman.

“As long as I can fit into this suit,” Dr. Danziger said. “And continue to embarrass my family, my kids, I’ll be happy to do that.”


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