Depressed Cake Shop sparks dialogue about mental health issues


SARASOTA – One Suncoast woman is spearheading a unique pop-up bakery in Sarasota.

It’s called the Depressed Cake Shop, and it’s a global movement to get people talking about mental health issues.

The baked goods feature grey frosting to represent depression and other mental health illnesses, but sometimes they have a hint of color to symbolize hope.

Tomma Marcincuk leads the Sarasota branch and was inspired after going through her own struggles with mental health.

“Their mission just really spoke to me: ‘Where there’s cake, there’s hope, and there’s always cake,'” Marcincuk said. “I love to bake. I’ve grown up baking with my mom and my Nana. It’s just one of those things where my love for baking and my passion for mental health just kind of collided, and I really wanted to get behind the project.”

She said she hopes this project can help people with mental illnesses talk about them without feeling ashamed or judged.

She will be selling her Depressed baked goods at Fruitville Grove’s Pumpkin Festival this weekend.


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