Sarasota GOP backtracks with endorsement


SARASOTA-The Sarasota GOP’s endorsement in a race between Republicans is ruled invalid.

After a dramatic meeting that divided the party, the party has backtracked and announced the endorsement did not comply with party rules and is not valid.
According to the Herald Tribune, the announcement was welcome news for Deborah Anderson, a Venice City Council member who originally was told she lost the party’s endorsement to her GOP challenger, Charles Newsom.
Sarasota GOP Chairman Joe Gruters said there was a misunderstanding regarding the Republican Party of Florida’s rules for issuing an endorsement.
The paper says, after reviewing the rules, it was determined that the margin of victory for Newsom last week was not large enough.
Gruters said party leaders will not hold another vote and there will be no endorsement in the Venice City Council race.


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