The Tervis Experience to open in Osprey


OSPREY – Tervis’ Osprey location is getting an upgrade.

It’s called the Tervis Experience, and it will open Friday, Oct. 13.

Tervis customers will have the opportunity to tour the store’s back room and learn about the company’s history, and they’re now able to make their very own Tervis in-store.

Tervis President Rogan Donelly says it allows customers to express themselves.

“If you’re a Bucs fan, you’re gonna have your Bucs cup with you. If you’re a Guy Harvey fan or fisherman or diver, you might have your Guy Harvey cup with you,” Donelly said. “So now, we wanna extend that experience, and not only are you expressing what design you have or what customized product you have, but now you’re even more part of that experience, which is to create your own tumbler by welding and designing.”\

Donelly said Tervis is trying to implement the customizing station into some of their other locations.

The room and Tervis machine will also be available to customers for private parties and events.


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