PUNTA GORDA-  This weekend the Suncoast skies come alive.

The Florida International Airshow takes flight from the Punta Gorda Airport. And you’re in for a show…dozens of aircraft from around the world!

Performer and Warbird, Don Stamp flies in salute to our veterans.

Stamp recently received the prestigious Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

“Fifty years of accident free, violation free flying,” said Stamp. He joined the Warbirds over twenty years ago. Flying in a formation known as “The missing man”.

Stamp said, “As the four airplanes come in, one airplane pulls up and leaves the formation. That represents those who didn’t come back.”

Another group of performers, The U.S. Army’s Golden Knights.

“We’ll be doing a mass formation so ten of us are going to exit the airplane at the same time. Build a formation in the sky. We’ll have pyrotechnics going off of our feet. Break apart, open our parachutes, and land on a target the size of a dinner plate,” Demonstration Parachutist for the Golden Knights, Luke Olk.

The show features a “Korean War Hero” and the USAF, WRS, Hurricane Hunters.

Tickets for the Florida International Air show are on sale now. The event begins Friday at the Punta Gorda Airport.