Boom lift fire update


SARASOTA COUNTY-We are keeping you up to date with yesterday’s boom lift fire, sending one victim through Bayflite to Blake Medical Center.

A crew was working on road maintenance on the new extension of Lorraine Road Tuesday afternoon.

Two workers were operating a boom lift nearby some power lines.

The entire boom lift caught on fire and the power line fell down.

The power line was live and arcing when the Sarasota Fire Department and Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrived.

EMS chief for Sarasota County Fire Department Carson Sanders explains the process on how to shut down an active power line to ensure the safety of those working on the scene.

“That’s done remotely.  So when we call in to our dispatch they immediately get a hold of FPL, and they can remotely shut those down.  So it’s an almost instantaneous process when we request it.  It goes through and it’s down in a matter of minutes.”

The investigation is still ongoing as to what caused the fire.