SARASOTA- Real people and  real stories of those who faced death.

“This is about what is happening, the human cost that’s happening here in both the United States and the Middle East” said Carol McCusker,Curator of Photography at the Harm Museum at the University of Florida.

Aftermath the Fallout of War America and the Middle East, is a new exhibit at the Ringling Museum of Art that gives a closer look at what has happened on the battlefield since 9/11.

Nearly 100 photos and videos show the gritty undeniable truth of war and the impact it has.

“We feel like museums are a good space actually for people to spend more time thinking about broader issues going on in the world. This is chance for us to spend more time looking at images and reflecting,” said Christopher Jones, Curator at Photography and New Media at the Ringling  Museum of Art.

Some veterans worked with photographers to reenact moments of trauma, using art to heal from post traumatic stress disorder.

“So this is their way of working through that and many of these veterans have been very happy to reenacts these moments and it’s actually a catharsis its helps them to move through it, said McCusker.

The exhibit opens Sunday October 15th through January 21st 2018. There will be multiple guest speakers, panel discussions and veterans sharing their experience overseas.