Mr. Sparky

SARASOTA – Florida Highway Patrol says the collision could have been avoided with some patience.

“That is why we want to see everyone be a little more patient, take your time,” State Trooper Kenn Watson said.

Just before 8:45 Tuesday morning, a northbound Acura attempted to turn left at US-41 and Field Rd., while a Ferrari was driving southbound.

“Witnesses say a large vehicle was traveling in that center lane, most likely obstructing the view of the vehicle that wanted to make that left turn,” Watson said. “Unfortunately when he did make that turn there was the Ferrari, traveling safely in that southbound lane, and there was a collision.”

Both vehicles spun off the roadway, killing 71-year-old Stephen Witzer, who was driving the Ferrari, and seriously injuring the driver of the Acura, 88-year-old Graham Hildebrand.

“What we want to remember is when your vision is obstructed, when you want to make a turn because there’s large profile vehicles in the roadway, you must maintain some patience,” Watson said.

Even if you’re in a rush, he said, and you can’t see past a large vehicle, do not make that turn.

“The most important thing is for you to get from point A to point B safely,” Watson said. “If it takes an extra 10 minutes, that’s fine.”

Both men involved in the crash were Sarasota residents.