SIESTA KEY – Hurricane Nate might be several hundred miles away from the Suncoast, but residents began noticing a a few of the storm’s effects Saturday morning.

Beachgoers were in for a surprise Saturday. Along with strong waves crashing into the shoreline, they saw jellyfish. A mix of high tide, strong winds and the force of Hurricane Nate coming in from the Gulf pushed an unusual amount of jellyfish onto Suncoast beaches.

Lifeguards warned swimmers to stay careful to avoid being stung. Strong winds also caused large waves and rip currents.

Sarasota resident, Jenni Lyn Kelsey, goes to the beach once or twice a week. She was very surprised to see the waves and jellyfish.

“I almost didn’t want to bring my family down because the jellyfish and rip current is so bad. We have a one-and-a-half-year-old too so we were worried about her too. I’ve never seen the waves so big.”

Kelsey says lifeguards had vinegar on hand to treat any jellyfish stings.

Stay safe if you plan on taking a trip to the beach this weekend.